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We Handle all OLTP RDBMS, highly redundant and highly scalable SQL, this includes systems like Oracle,Sybase,MySQL, PostgreSQL for complex workloads.

Not Only SQL

We do have hands on experience in assessing,integration, administration,implementation and support for major leading NoSQL database systems.

Big Data

Every business needs to derive insights from Social Media,Unstructured data by using big data technologies such as Hadoop/Columnar Dbs. Gajadata has deep expertise in supporting complex big data processing needs.

Data Analytics

Full Lifecycle Services offered in Analysing, Architecting, Implementing, administration and support of various forms of data as time series log , statistical, data warehouse, BI, ETL and reporting.

Data Architecture

We can help you in rearchitecting you existing data framework or we can work in a clean slate depending on your need.

Database Services

We specialized in defining your databases starting with design or ERD ---> ETL ---> Reporting. Details are an important part of our main concept. We make sure our code quality and design decisions will match with your standard.

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