Machine and Operational System

Easy to use web front for managing your equipments

About us

It’s all started with an aim of developing highly professionalized system (software) for handling equipment maintenance in a simple method, with the latest technology and at an very affordable value.

The competitive environment of business only determines your profit. Hence it becomes imperative to implement a system of operation to increase your business margin/profitability in reducing costs and increase productivity.

Our product "MOSY" comes with many “Industry first” methods to provide the best solution in enhancing customer’s business profitability.


Machine and Operational system is a professionally designed web based software for equipment management using cutting edge technology to monitor activity of various equipments usage.

Equipment Management

EM delivers Owning Cost RT and Operating Cost RT –Industry First – of all the equipments. (RT stands for Real Time). It helps to keep an eye on the costs at real operational hours without any assumptions.

Operational Management

OM delivers "Utilization Rate" for both Equipments as well for Operators.- Industry First. This helps better monitoring on usage.

Spares Management

Simple format to track the usage of various spares that are kept in stock.


Monthly Information System provides a detailed report on operation/utilization of various equipments.

Digital Drive

To add value to customer's business operations, by providing a system which helps to improve the operational efficiency (better availability) of their Construction Equipment's as well as their Operators.



  • Highest level transaction security enabled via SSL
  • SAAS Model
  • Easy upgradation and Easy mobile accessability.
  • Hosted in cloud infrastructure
  • Multi tenant architecture
  • Responsive front end


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