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I was developing Laravel Application and using MAMP for virtual server. But I had issues with php version and wanted to improve it with docker. So I s...

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How to set up and send a mail with Laravel

I was working on my personal project which needed to send a message via gmail and got stuck with some error. So I want to share information to people ...

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(540) 302-7137

Digital Ocean is a cloud computing platform that offers developers a Solid State Drive (SSD) to do whatever they want with. And I wanted to host my bl...

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Font-awesome icon with circular background

I've been using Font-awesome icons which provide a really nice scalable set of general purpose icons for web pages. I needed to have circular backgrou...

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How to point domain to Digital Ocean Droplet

After creating a droplet or server with DigitalOcean you may want to assign it a domain like I wanted. So I will guide you how to point the domain to ...

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I was working on a project that uses Laravel framework and needed to deploy it. So this is my memo to remember in the future and people who want to de...


Set up Nginx as Reverse Proxy Server with Digital Ocean

When you create Node.js application, it usually runs on port 3000. But you might not want to access port 3000 to see it running and you just want to a...

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I wanted to create a laravel application for service and I want to use api from outside of application via access token. So I searched it and note thi...

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Sample script for fixing sidebar when scrolling

Nowadays fixing sidebar is used a lot of blog and information sites. There are a lot of sample code for that but most of them are too long or too mess...

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